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SmartFIT-RM-1-2PK_Main 2612x2612_edited.jpg

Eco-friendly Coconut Carbon

Recyclable Materials

NSF & WQA Certified

Reduces water bottles & disposable plastics

Why SmartFIT

Designed by Experts.

Made with quality materials.

Half the cost, double the filters per box.

Made with care to keep you, and your family, safe and hydrated.

  1. SmartFIT filters

  2. Refrigerator water filters

  3. Replacement filters

  4. NSF certified filters

  5. Compatible filters

  6. High-quality filters

  7. Affordable filters

  8. Environmentally friendly filters

  9. Easy installation filters

  10. Guaranteed filters

  11. Reliable filters

  12. Clean water filters

  13. Pure water filters

  14. Healthy water filters

  15. Smart technology filters

  16. Premium filters

  17. Long-lasting filters

  18. Filter subscription service

  19. Filter subscription program

  20. Refrigerator filter replacement service

  21. Compatible with major refrigerator brands

  22. Chlorine-free water filters

  23. Lead-free water filters

  24. BPA-free water filters

  25. Certified filters

  26. Quick and easy ordering process

  27. Customer satisfaction guarantee

  28. High flow rate filters

  29. Quick-connect filters

  30. Low maintenance filters

Don't be fooled by imitations.
Visit our appliance dealer network to purchase SmartFIT replacement refrigerator filters.  Chances are, there is a local appliance store right down the street!



SmartFIT filters2_edited.jpg
SmartFIT filters2_edited.jpg
SmartFIT filters2_edited.jpg
SmartFIT filters2_edited.jpg
SmartFIT filters2_edited.jpg
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